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Phillip Normie - Bramhall Flooring Company - 13th February 2018

Bramhall Flooring Co.

2-4 Milk Street
SK14 1EH

Tel: (0161) 366 5250
Fax: (0161) 367 8351

13th February 2018   

Dear Sue,

Just wanted to thank you yet again for helping out at very short notice.

Having used N W Secretarial Service many times in the past 5 years, and it is now our 'go to' place for all our secretarial needs.

We had an urgent deadline to complete a number of tender documents. Unfortunately our own secretary fell ill and at virtually no notice you were able to come in and bail us out.

In fact, there were that many to do you worked on and didn't finish until after 7pm.

Without your help we wouldn't have picked up a vital contract.

Many thanks Sue.

Phillip Normie

Finance Director

Bramhall Flooring Company

Specialists in Carpet and Carpet Tiles, Computer Floor Finishes,
Vinyl, Linoleum, Cork, Rubber and Amtico Flooring. 

Registered in England 1553995. Registered Office 2-4 Milk Street, 
Hyde, Cheshire, SK14 1EH.       
Directors: J.D. Normie. P.J. Normie.     


Andrew Cross - Elite Print Solutions - 9th April 2012

9th April 2012

Northwest Secretarial Services

Sue Willet,


I recently had a very urgent job come from our largest client, it was not the sort of thing we normally take on but it was our largest client.

We had being asked to produce 480 table cards for a large wedding that was going to happen over the bank holiday weekend.

Who could hand-write 480 cards in a two day turnaround.

Naturally I turned to Northwest Secretarial Services.

Sue, was able to get the job sorted in less than two days efficiently, professionally and on time.

Our client was delighted with the work and has promised us more work from the main account, although no cheque yet.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Northwest Secretarial Services to any of my clients and would like to thank Sue for her teams professional and speedy service.

Andrew Cross

Elite Print Solutions


Local Solicitor - Specialising in Traffic Law - 27th August 2008

27th August 2008

Dear Sue,

May I take this opportunity to thank you for all the work you have done for us so far. Your efficiency and quality of work enables our business to run smoothly week to week. There is no need for a larger office to accommodate more staff, thus keeping our costs down whilst at the same time not compromising our quality of service. We hope that you will carry on supporting our secretarial needs for along time to come!

Local Solicitor - Specialising In Traffic Law
By: Local Solicitor

Julie Porter - Fonetax - 27th January 2009


Fonetax 2007 Ltd

 27th January 2009



This is to say that Sue Willett came to work for us in September 2008.  She had been here just a couple of days and was already helping me to use my computer in a more cost effective and practical manner.

She has shown me how to set up different areas of the computer saving me time doing the jobs that would normally take me a lot longer.  She has also shown me how to do paper based tasks.  These have freed up my time to do other aspects of my job.

One of the jobs I used to do used to take me 1½ hours now it takes me just ½ an hour.  Saving a total of 3 hours per week on average.

She is extremely helpful and nothing is too much trouble for her.

Yours faithfully


 Julie Porter (Mrs)

Office Manager

Colin Green - Physio Matters - 23rd July 2009

   23rd July 2009

Hi Sue,

I would definitely like to continue to use your service in the future as it saves me loads of time.



Colin Green BSc (Hons) MCSP, HPC
Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist
Physio Matters Neurological Limited
By: Colin Green - Physio Matters

Colin Green - Physio Matters - 22nd January 2010

   22nd January 2010

As a Charted Physiotherapist working for Physio Matters treating patients following stroke, head injuries and other neurological injuries I struggle to find time to cope with ever increasing amounts of paperwork. However, since June 2009, I found a great solution in Sue from NW Secretarial Service. I am now able to keep all paperwork and treatment notes up to date with Sues help, this enables me to devote more time to treating people, the core of my business. I have found Sue very reliable and she is easy to contact should I have any queries. All I need to do is record my treatment notes on my dictaphone and then send these files as email attachments and then I receive the notes back within 24 hours. I would recommend NW Secretarial Service to any other business with similar issues.


Colin Green BSc (Hons) MCSP, HPC
Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist
Physio Matters Neurological Limited
By: Colin Green - Physio Matters

Jenny Bimpson - Traffic Lawyer 4U - 26th January 2010

26th January 2010


My husband and myself run a busy law firm, dealing with cases all over the UK.  ...but as the business grew, our premises obviously didn’t!

After seeing an advert for Sue’s secretarial services in the local Saddleworth monthly magazine, I purchased an e-mail based Dictaphone which Sue was familiar with, and now find the system suits our needs perfectly.  My husband speaks into the machine and when he replaces it on the cradle it e-mails the information to Sue.  Sue picks it up via headphones at her end and types the work and then e-mails it back to us either the same day or the following day.

This great service enables all of our typing to be done within a good time frame and also due to Sue’s professionalism means that it need not be checked either, again saving time at our end.  Sue has also fielded emergency calls for us whilst we have been on holiday, giving us peace of mind.

The service Sue provides is invaluable to a business like ours – we do not have the space for a typist in our office, but by outsourcing the work, we can remain where we are.

Yours faithfully

Jenny Bimpson 

Paul Bradbury - Booth Ainsworth - 9th June 2010








9th June 2010

Dear Sue,

I am writing on behalf of myself and a long standing client of Booth Ainsworth, to thank you for all the hard work you carried out on behalf of his two businesses.

The background to this was that he had been badly let down by his former secretary/bookkeeper who phoned to say that she was not returning to work after her holiday.

This presented him with major problems as this person managed all the administration for both of his businesses.

I had just met you at BNI and thought it might be something you could help him with. From making the initial telephone call, you immediately contacted the client and set about providing the help he needed..

One of his businesses was very complex and the way you quickly learned the business was very impressive and you proved that you had the knowledge to sort out the many bookkeeping problems the previous adminstrator had left behind.

From your work with him, it is clear that your organisational skills are first class and I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to similiar clients in the future.

Kind regards,

Yours sincerely,


Tony McAlister - AAJ Associates - 21st July 2010

21st July 2010

To whom is my concern

Sue Willett - NW Secretarial Service


NW Secretarial Service was retained by AAJ Associates as an extension to our administrative service. We found NW Secretarial Service an efficient and cost effective means of supporting our own in-house service.

Our requirements were accommodated at short notice and the project was implemented and completed with the utmost competence and professionalism. Of particular note was their adherence to their Code of Practice regarding confidentiality and we have no hesitation in recommending their services.


By: Tony McAlister - AAJ Associates

Jill Evans - BNI - 8th August 2010


“I have always found Sue to be trustworthy and dedicated to her work. Just the sort of person that you could trust your best client with!” August 8, 2010

Jill Evans, Assistant Director South Pennines, BNI

Chris Burke - Pearson Hinchliffe - 11th August 2010


11 August 2010


To whom it may concern

Re: Sue Willett t/a N W Secretarial Service

This is a testimonial for Sue Willett t/a as N W Secretarial Service.

Whilst my secretary was away on holiday for 2 weeks, Sue provided emergency temporary cover for our Litigation Department.  Sue came into the office and worked within the Department for 6 days.  Her work was of high standard and was of great assistance to the Department in that time.

Sue worked long hours in order to ensure that the work went out and deadlines were met.

I am grateful for her assistance.

Yours faithfully

Chris Burke
Commercial Litigation Partner
Pearson Hinchliffe

Colin Green - Physio Matters - 20th September 2010

                  20th September 2010

My name is Colin Green of Physio Matters Neurological Limited. We provide community based physiotherapy for people with neurological conditions such as stroke, brain injury, MS and Parkinson’s Disease. I really enjoy my work but was struggling to keep up with the paperwork that accompanies my job. I need to keep daily clinical notes and was finding that evenings and weekends were being taken up with this time-consuming task.

Therefore in June 2009 I phoned Sue Willett at N W Secretarial Service to explain my problem and we arranged to meet the following day to discuss my requirements. Following this discussion it became obvious that Sue’s assistance would be very useful. I agreed to trial the service and needless to say I have been very happy with the service received. I was looking for a prompt, friendly, professional and most importantly, confidential service – Sue has not let me down.

The digital transcription service is simple to use. I just record my daily notes verbally on a Dictaphone after each visit and then at the end of the day email the files to Sue. The files are often returned within 24 hours neatly typed up in whatever format I require and Sue’s often able to turn these round quicker if necessary.

I would highly recommend Sue and N W Secretarial Service.

Colin Green BSc (Hons) MCSP, HPC
Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist
Physio Matters Neurological Limited

Nicola Taylor - Utility Warehouse & BNI - 4th December 2010

“Sue is one of the most helpful and selfless people I know - which is why she does what she does. Her PA service is highly recommended by all her clients. She is also an extremely eager person to learn new technology and invest in personal development programmes to the benefit of her clients.” December 4, 2010

Nicola Taylor, Owner, Utility Warehouse and BNI Regional Office

Stuart Beaumont -The Safety Group (The Spectra Group) - 4th December 2010

Sue is very personable and provides a very cost effective secretarial service. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sue either as a short or long term solution to your Secretarial needs.” December 4, 2010

Now called The Spectra Group

Personable, Good Value
By: Stuart Beaumont - The Safety Group

Anita Mistry - It's a Mistry Design Studio - 26th December 2010

“I recently asked Sue to create a spreadsheet (price calculator) so that I could quickly and easily calculate the prices for my jewellery. 

Sue also created a spreadsheet with a list of all my products which updates automatically when I update the amount of each item I have used for a particular piece. 

The spreadsheets have helped me save time trying to calculate items manually and keeping my stock list up to date without having to physically count how many beads/findings I have left. 

Sue has also saved me quite a bit of money in creating the spreadsheets as the software available is rather expensive.” December 26, 2010

Great Results, Good Value.

By: Anita Mistry - It's a Mistry Design Studio

Roger Wilkson - RWS Pest & Weed Control - 11th February 2011

16th February 2011


That is great, saved me a lot of time.  Mike and I had better shape ourselves to give you some more work.





David Kitchen - County Communications - 18th February 2011


Dear Sue,

Just a quick note to say how good your service is.

It allows us to have extra staff without taking anyone on the payroll!!

Since we have started to use your telephone answering service, it clearly gives a more professional approach.  The customers are much happier, it is now clear they do not always like to leave a message, or be answered by our office in Newbury or ring a mobile, which one of our clients said fees very one man band, even though that is not the case!

The clients never complained about the old set us as far as I am aware... but...  from their recent comments it is very clear that they “put up with service” but did not actually like it, which of course means we were at greater risk of losing them to a competitor.

Kind regards,


David Kitchen

Johnny Magiera - Walsden Flooring Company - 22nd February 2011


Dear Zennith Members and Friends,

My name is Johnny Magiera. I have been supplying and installing floor covering for almost forty years. In August 2010 I joined BNI. This was just one month after starting my own business. At the time Sue Willett was given the task of mentoring me. I would like to thank the committee of that time for her appointment. From day one I have found Sue to be firstly a friend, no matter what time I call she is always pleasantly responsive, extremely professional and self-sacrificing, that’s just a few of her qualities. Having someone like Sue around has benefited my business tremendously, she keeps my day to day running of quotes and invoices up to date and as well as responding to my constant request to reply to emails, letters, phone etc. always keeping me informed of urgent matters and often times giving me the benefit of her experience with good advice, as well as putting me in touch by way of referral to potentially new customers, I feel that the effort Sue makes for me and also others is highly commendable, I would like to publicly thank Sue, and recommend her to anyone who is trying to run a business who would like to concentrate on that aspect, and leave the clerical side to a true professional. This Johnny’s cash has come by the way, from a girl named Sue.

Thank you Sue

Johnny Magiera,  Walsden Flooring


Joanne Nuttall - Breakey & Nuttall - 28th April 2011

28 April 2011


Dear Sue

Whilst as yet Breakey & Nuttall have not been able to make any referrals to you, I would like to take this opportunity to share with everyone how valuable a contact you have become to us as a company and no doubt many others around you in business.

Many may not know but you were a client of mine some years ago, when you instructed me to sell your retail property in Saddleworth. We then met again when I first visited the Zenith chapter last year where you immediately invited me to a number of events... too many to mention.

In such a short time, I have gained some great contacts, which was critical to our new start up, I’ve won a web video and I believe reaching the finals of The One Oldham Business Awards with an exposure to a sell out event of over 450 people was partly a thanks to you.

We have much to thank you for, your enthusiasm, hard work, determination and dedication to our Chapter. We must all work had to make quality referrals to you; your business deserves to grow with the help of BNI and through making all our contacts and clients aware as to why you stand out from the crowd.

Kindest regards

Yours sincerely

Joanne Nuttall CPEA BSc
Breakey & Nuttall

David Ashton - Heaton Computers - 23rd November 2011


23rd November 2011

Dear Sue

I wish to thank NW Secretarial Services for helping us out at short notice with the quarterly VAT return recently. Last month was very busy and it usually takes me the best part of a day to sort out all my paperwork for ‘VAT Return Day’, as I have imaginatively taken to calling it.

I gave you a folder full of paper, in return I got a completed spreadsheet; all filled in, collated and checked and all that was left for me to do was pay ‘the man’. This sort of help is invaluable to me and knowing I have this kind of resource when I need it is comforting.

Lastly, a special mention to your able assistant Sarah who made sense of my scribbling and worked quickly and efficiently to get the job done. I have no hesitation in recommending your services.

Best regards

Dave Ashton
Heaton Computers

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