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Dashboard Office

Dashboard Office

What is a dashboard office?

If you are a trades person and have a van or truck and you stuff all of your paperwork, receipts, invoices and even your coffee cups on there, then that is what we call a 'dashboard office'!!

Does your dashboard look like this?  

Do you know anybody who has one like this?

If so you/they need our help.  

Please don't delay, don't put it off - Call us now: 0161 425 7909 or click here to contact us via our Contact Us form.

Also see our New page for additional support to trades people.


Dashboard Office before our help

Dashboard Office after our help

   BEFORE and AFTER our help 

These type of people are people that are in desperate need of our help.  We can re-organise them so that their vehicle looks more professional and at a glance gives a tidy impression.  

How many of us look at the condition of peoples vehicles and think 'they could do with a clean, or tidying up?'  No we dont clean vehicles, but we know a man who can!  We can get them cleaned on your behalf as part of the service we offer in re-organising cleints.

We are all more likely to use somebody's services if they give us a good first impression. That is a fact.

How can we help?

  • We re-organise their paperwork so they can find things
  • We generate quotes for jobs
  • We type invoices
  • We chase up payments
  • We do research for tenders
  • We answer their telephones so that they can do their work without being disturbed
  • We give them their family time back or time to go to the gym or golf club etc

Contact us on: 0161 425 7909 or click here to contact us via our Contact Us form.



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