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Pop In & Wait Service

Pop In & Wait Service

Our Pop In & Wait Service allows clients to have their work done whilst they wait, and enjoy a cup of tea and a flick through a magazine or newspaper whilst they are waiting. This service is a really personal and unique service to N W Secretarial & PA Service.

How have these new clients found us?

Generally these clients have enquired at local libraries asking where they can have some letters typed or have used our service before.  Or they have simply done a search on the internet.


The benefits of this are that there is no minimum time/spend with us and our clients are charged upon completition.

Some clients like to come over to see us and either dictate their letters to us or have handwritten notes which we type for them and word accordingly.

This service is particularly useful if clients are not sure what they need typing and perhaps do not have the expertise of wording certain types of letters or documents. This means that when they leave they have a professional letter/document which is an extremely important factor to them and equally to us.

These are then printed out and an envelope provided so that clients can take them away with peace of mind knowing that they are worded appropriately.  We can even post them on their behalf.

Some of our clients do not have a computer or printer of their own so this service is invaluable for them. 

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