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Typing Service

Typing Service

Copy Typing Service

We offer a copy typing service. We type from handwritten notes or from printed out text including pdf files etc.

We also offer a service for local people who would like to wait whilst their typing is typed up, this obviously depends on the length of the document.

We have clients that come to us using public transport so this 'type while you wait' service offers the perfect solution.  Usually the kind of things that we type up whilst you wait are letters or documents taking up to an hour.

We also have clients that 'drop off' and collect when they have done their shopping or any other business that they need to attend to and find that this service suits a number of people.

Are you thinking of writing a book?

If so we can help you.

We have various clients that we work closely who are authors.  The content of the books vary. We are currently working on a couple of books, one which is based on philosophy and another one which is part fact and part fiction, and though not necessarily meant to be humerous it has had Sue in stitches whilst she has been listening to the audio files as our client goes into character.........

Distance is no object.

They send us handwritten scripts or we type the pages from audio files.

We ensure that the grammar and punctuation is correct and generally make the appropriate amendments.

We work at a pace that suits you, which allows you to budget accordingly.

Contact us on: 0161 425 7909 or click here to contact us via our Contact Us form.



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