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New Start Up Businesses

New Start Up Businesses

How We Can Help You

As a new start up business, it can be very scary for people.  First you take the plunge and make the decision to 'go it alone'.  No regular guaranteed income! You have probably had conversations with yourself and asked the following questions:

Where do I start?

What do I do?

What if I do....?

What if I don't...?

How do I...?

Where can I get the help that I need to grow and succeed without employing staff to help me?

Who can I trust?

You want to look professional and ultimately do a good job/offer a good service to your clients and customers so that they WILL spread the word and recommend you to their friends, family and other contacts.

It may be that you are a trades person.  So what will make you stand out above the other new trades people and can make a huge difference in gaining that job?

Well, it's quite simple. You need to appear clean and tidy (dress for the meeting), you need to have a tidy van and not a 'dashboard office'.  You need to have well presented quotations for the work you are hoping to win from your competitors.  At N W Secretarial & PA Service we can prepare these for you, and we can help you so that you don't have a 'dashboard office'.

Ok, so you've now won the job.  Great.  Then what do you do next after you have done such a fantastic job?

It is really important that you keep up the image of your new business, not only does this give your business consistency, it also gives you credibility AND you don't appear as a 'one man band'.  Having good, accurate correspondence of any nature says a lot about a business.

SO WE CAN do your invoices on your behalf.  AND if they don't get paid within the terms agreed WE CAN chase them up on your behalf.

It really is that simple (well it is for us), though you might be dreading the thoughts of doing the paperwork and admin tasks.  This is where we all differ and we all have different qualities.  We are all guilty of doing the things that we enjoy doing and leaving the things that we do not like.  These, in reality do go on the 'back burner' and sometimes they don't get done.

Well, you CAN BE rest assured that they WILL GET DONE if you engage our services.

We WILL help YOUR new business GROW, which in turn helps us both.  The BUSIER you get, the BUSIER we get....... GREAT!

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