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Digital Transcribing

Digital Transcribing

General Information On Digital Transcribing:

The beauty of digital transcribing is that you can be anywhere in the world so long as you have access to a computer. Some mobile phones have recording facilities on them so that you can dictate and email the voice file from them to us and we can convert them into a compatible voice file to use with our software. (You would have to check the length of recording time on your mobile phone).

Basically you dictate your letters and documents onto a hand held dictaphone recorder (there are many makes including Olympus and Philips and prices start from about £40.00) and send the audio files via the internet as an email attachment.

The digital audio file is received, we listen to it, type it up and email the finished documents back to you for you to print out or if preferred we can send them direct to the recipient on your behalf.

We have an extremely fast turnaround for this service - within 24 hours of receipt depening on the length of the recordings and how many there are. Generally as soon as we receive the work, we are able to commence work and will email you the documents one at once if there are multiple documents on the recording. This is particularly useful if we are 'feeding' you or a member of your team.

We use Olympus software. However, we can download convertors to be compatible with our Olympus software. So if you already have a recorder then you can use it without any additional cost to you.

Initially please call us to discuss your requirments, there is also a company that we use that are extremely helpful. So for help and advice on purchasing the right recorder for your digital transcribing needs and to let you know what is compatible with the Olympus software that we use, call Lee at Speak IT Solutions on 0121 456 7800 you can also visit their website: (no .com or is included in the web address, just as it is listed above)

We recommeded that before purchasing any recording equipment that you speak with us first. We can, if preferred, initially speak to Speak IT Solutions about your requirements and introduce you to them.

Contact us on: 0161 425 7909 or click here to contact us via our Contact Us form.



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