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Working Away From Home

Working Away From Home

Do you ever work away from home?  

Working as an assistant manager in hotels for several years Sue saw many business and trades people working away from home all week.

They would arrive at the hotel on a Monday evening after leaving home early in the morning for a long journey to the office or on site and then after spending the rest of day working they would arrive at the hotel and then instead of relaxing they would then start working in the bar whilst having a drink, in the restaurant over dinner or in their room and the rest of the week would be exactly the same.

They would check out on a Friday morning before heading off for yet another long day.  I would see this happen week in and week out.  

How can we help you?

We can take the stress out of this for you and give you your evenings back so that you can relax and recharge your batteries for work the following day. Just ask us how we can help you achieve this, we have many solutions.

We have flexible working hours, not just 9-5 pm, including early starts, late finishes and weekends. We realise how important it is to make those deadlines.

We free up your quality time, therefore leaving you to enjoy your weekends, play golf, go to family events, watch a movie or just chill out and relax and recharge your batteries for your journey ahead on Monday morning...........  How great does that sound?

REMEMBER no more missing out on important things, no more arguments with your loved ones. We can give you a much more peaceful and tranquil life, if only you would let us help you!  How wonderful would that be?

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