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Invitations, Place Cards, Christmas & New Year Cards etc

It's time to celebrate......... 

Throughout the year there are lots of weddings held in various styles.  You may be wondering why we are talking about weddings.  Quite simply we can help and take the pressure of you too.

We can write out your invitations, table place name cards and thankyou cards.  This is one less thing for the bride (and groom) to worry about which means that they can focus on other things. 

We've even helped a groom write his speech and done some role play to ensure that he was comfortable with the wording and reading it out.  A few days after the wedding we spoke and I asked him how everything went.  He replied 'It was amazing and I couldn't have done my speech without your help Sue'.

We know that there is enough to organise and plan when organising a celebration or event. So why not let us take some of the strain away?

How do we do this?

Quite simply we ask you for a list of your guests and you provide us with the relevant stationery, or we can even source it for you!  We send out the invitations.  We can write your place cards, including any menu choice that your guests might have made and add this to the reverse of the card.  This makes sure that everybody get the food that they ordered.  Then once your ‘special day’ is over we can write thank you cards and post them out.  If you need these personalised with a mention of the gift that your guests have bought you we can do that too….  It’s your ‘special day’ so you choose.

Do you have any other celebrations coming up or are you going to any?

You might be celebrating your wedding anniversary or birthday, or just having a ‘get together’ just because you want to.  Or you might be going to one, or know someone who is organising one.  We can help and offer the same service.

Read the testimonial from one of our clients, Andrew Cross - Elite Print Solutions about how we helped one of his clients for their wedding day.

Okay, over to the Christmas festivities!  Christmas!  I hear you say!  Why talk about it now?

Before we know it, summer will have been and gone and winter and Christmas will be here, a scary thought I know, but you need to be organised.... (You might even have left over cards from last year)!

Over the years we have helped clients who don't have the time to spend handwriting their Christmas cards.

We find that some clients prefer the 'personal touch' and want to write the cards and envelopes rather than have them printed.  Printed cards and envelopes are absolutely fine, we can print your envelopes, stick the stamps on and post them out for you.  We can organise printed cards for you through one of our contacts.

You don't even have to go shopping for the cards yourself if you don't want to.  We offer you a selection, however sometimes our clients just leave it up to us which cards we use.  We give them a basic theme choice, humorous, scenery, or the festive look etc.

Or, you could be different from the 'crowd' and send your friends, family, customers and clients a New Year card instead of a Christmas card.  We would send them out on 6th January when all the Christmas cards and decorations have been taken down.  Your card could well be the only one standing on their mantelpiece or office shelf.  You could also take the opportunity and enclose some additional information about you, your family or your business.

All you need to do is give us your list and we do the rest.  The list can be provided in the form of a spreadsheet/database or a handwritten list.  We write the inside of the cards with the appropriate message, write the envelopes, stick the stamps on and post them out.

This is easy for us and, you've guessed it - we love it too.


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