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Forthcoming Events/Whats Happening

May 2017

I am so excited and thrilled.  I have been working with a fantastic client of 5 years who for the past year has been writing a book, and I am privileged to say that I have been working on it with him.

It has been a lot of fun, as always working with him, and all our hardwork has now paid off....

Yes, it is now on Amazon, Kindle Scout for all to view. Please click on the link below and take a look and read the first few chapters and then please nominate it.  This way it will be published and people can then read the rest of the book!!!  In my opinion it's an absolute hoot, but don't take my word.............  And don't forget to let me know how you get on.  

Oh, and by the way this is what my client says about me in the acknowledgements in the book:

  “I would also like to thank the incredibly supportive Sue Willett, owner of N W Secretarial & PA Service based in Stalybridge, Manchester, England for her patience, understanding and input into this final product.  I am proud to have worked with her for the past 5 years, although the book didn’t take this long!!”

Obviously I can't tell you what the book is about, that would spoil the fun!!!

Many thanks Sue. 

Title - No Contrition, by A B Aaronson:


Past events where N W Secretarial & PA Service have exhibited

MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Tameside Business Expo

GM Biz Expo (Greater Manchester Business Expo)

Liverpool Business Expo

Wigan Business Expo

GM Biz Expo (Greater Manchester Business Expo) - 9th June 2015.  Another fab event put on by Grant Erskine and his team.


Sue presented earlier in the year at the MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University) to an audience of around 150 people, which went down particularly well and the feedback was very good from people that knew her and also from people that had not met her before.  

The guest speaker at the event was Phil Jones, Managing Director of Brother UK who delivered a fantastic presentation.

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